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A Few Things to Consider:

This course is a double accelerated science class for 8th graders. While the class instruction will be adjusted for middle schoolers, the responsibilities and requirements of the course will be of a high school nature.

The ability to read and write at a 10th/11th grade level are necessary to do well in the class.

An accountability, responsibility, and initiative beyond a typical 8th grade student are required to do well in the class.

Please see the FAQs regarding Living Environment at the middle school for further explanation including a comparison of LE at the middle school and high school.

"All students in a Regents science course must complete the laboratory requirement of 1200 minutes of hands-on laboratory experiences, with satisfactory laboratory reports, prior to entry into a Regents examination in science." (#10 and #11 of the linked document)

          Translation: Don't miss class unless you are ill (ie. appointments, music lessons, vacations, etc.)   If you don't have 1200 minutes of passing labs, you can't take the Regents exam and therefore cannot get Regents credit for the course.

                   Be aware that just "doing the lab" is not acceptable. You must pass the lab write up and/or questions assigned to the various labs. The state requires physical evidence of fulfillment of the lab minutes.

The Living Environment course features a fetal pig dissection that takes approximately 480 minutes of class time (roughly 1/3 of the total lab minutes required to sit for the regents exam).  

Dissection Videos

Pig   Packet

Pig   Diagrams

Pig   Websites

Pig photos available after edits

Regents Test Review Stuff


Bio Regents Buddy

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Regents Test Review Apps

The following are a couple of apps that LE 8 kids have used in the past.  I am not endorsing any of them or suggesting in any way that you should not buy a review book if that is where you are headed.  Review materials are entirely up the the student/parents to purchase or not at their discretion.

Living Environment Regents Prep

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