Mr. T's Science Scene

Biotic, Dead, and Abiotic

From now on we will define life or living things as biotic.  If something is biotic then it has ALL EIGHT LIFE TRAITS.

When something was biotic and looses even one of the eight life traits they are dead.  (Usually they loose a bunch of life traits all at once, however, dead things still possess cells and DNA.

If something was never biotic, is not biotic now, and never will be biotic in the future it is abiotic.  Abiotic things are elements, rocks, metal, plastic, etc.

An organism WILL become abiotic through the process of decomposition.  On the "road of death" a biotic thing dies and is, in general, eaten by scavengers.  Scavengers take apart and use much of the digestible parts of an organism.  After that (and during- really) bacteria and fungus will work to break down whatever is left.  They break down the bones, hair, skin, etc. into the organisms essential elements. So a deer that dies in a field will, eventually, become part of that field in the form of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, sodium, etc.



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